Explainer Video Services

Explainer videos are short animated or live video explainers that explain what you do. We make animated explainer videos that are engaging and memorable.

Educational Video Production

Education videos combine dynamic visuals with meaningful storytelling to deliver impactful and memorable learning experiences.

Motion Graphic videos

Motion graphic designers that create visually captivating animated graphics that tell stories, promote products and deliver compelling visual content.

Character Animation Videos

Cartoon animation videos play a pivotal role in telling stories that break cultural barriers and transcend generations. We make animated cartoon videos for businesses, government and nonprofits.

Whiteboard Animation Services

Our whiteboard animation services are designed to create sales and marketing tools for businesses and nonprofits. With creative storytelling and captivating visuals, Creamy is able to deliver the high quality whiteboard animation videos that drive results.

Training Videos

Video training has emerged as the go-to method for creating effective training content, in large and small organizations.

Product Video Production Simplified

Our animated product demo video services help you demonstrate how your product works and reveal the true value it provides. If you have a complex product, software or service, we’ve created a product video production process that’s easy to follow.

Video Marketing Services

Marketing video production is an essential component of every business. That’s why more that 80% of marketers incorporate video content as part of their overall sales and marketing plan. At Creamy, we provide creative Video Marketing Services for businesses and non profits.

Healthcare Video Marketing

Healthcare video marketing is an essential tool that helps hospitals and healthcare professionals explain complex medical terms and keep their clients well informed on health related subjects.

corporate videos

Our corporate video production service agency helps you create business videos for every stage of your sales funnel and corporate communications. More businesses are leveraging the power of video to create compelling content that drives traffic and boosts business growth.

Nonprofit Animation Videos

Nonprofit animation videos are one of the most effective nonprofit marketing tools. Our goal to help you find creative ways of incorporating video content into your overall communication or marketing strategy.

Real Estate Marketing Videos

Our real estate video marketing improve your online visibility and stand out from the crowd. Real estate explainer video content can help busy real estate agents and companies reach more buyers and sellers, sell more homes and properties, close more deals.

Branded Content Videos

Branded content video, also known as native video advertising, is a type of video marketing that creates an emotional connection between the viewer and a brand. When a company publishes a branded video, the primary intention is to strengthen its brand further, and not necessarily to drive more sales.

Video Animation Services

Our video animation services help you explain complex ideas, advertise your business or product, and deliver your message in an engaging and memorable way.

Financial Services Video Production

Financial companies use financial services videos as marketing videos to generate awareness, build trust, acquire new customers, and retain existing ones. Since the financial industry relies a lot on trust and compliance, successful financial services videos always have trust-building and governance elements.

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web design & development

Are you tired of every website looking the same? We’ll help you stand out from the competition and get noticed by your target audience.


ecommerce development

Our eCommerce website solutions turn page views into revenue. Give your brand a sales boost today!


logo & graphic design

Get a stunning logo that will stay in the minds of customers. To stand out, you need instant recognizability, and that’s what our talented graphic designers can do.


digital marketing & advertising

From PPC campaigns and sponsored content on social media to direct marketing and email campaigns, we have the digital marketing & advertising solutions to maximize customer lifetime value.


search engine optimization (seo)

It’s time to get eyes on your content. We incorporate SEO into every website we design, so your views increase dramatically.


video production & animation

Draw attention from consumers and keep those eyes glued to your website with our stunning video production and animation services.